Joost – Invites Still Up For Grabs


Joost definitely isn’t new news. And to be honest, I’ve kind of held off writing about it on here because it seems every other man and his dog have already covered it. And rightly so. Although I haven’t covered it, that doesn’t mean to say I haven’t been enjoying it! I think it’s a fantastic service.

Recently though I’ve been asked by various people if I have any invites left. Which, I do! So I thought I’d post on here and let you know that if you want an invite so you can start to use Joost before it’s general public release, just drop a comment on this post and I’ll send you one. Make sure the email address you add below in the comment is the address you want the invite sent to.

You’ll be enjoying free, full screen internet TV in no time at all!

For those of who are still a little unsure as to what Joost is all about, head here and watch the pretty cool short Joost intro.

What’s Joost all about?

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~ by tomorrowsplayground on May 11, 2007.

10 Responses to “Joost – Invites Still Up For Grabs”

  1. I see a lot of comments about Joost having little content and few users. It’s got to start somewhere, and the only way it’s going to get big is through more participation. Thanks for offering invites.

  2. Chris is right, but the investor news today may add that little extra boost. I’d love an invite too!

  3. Hi, I would love to take a look at Joost. Can you sen me an invite? Thanks!


  4. Chris, Chris & Jeroen. Check you email guys. Invites have been sent. 😉 Enjoy!

  5. i’d love to try it out if you have an extra invite. thanks!


  6. I’d love to get an invite!

  7. Hey there! That’s a great thing you’re doing, so more of us can take a look and enjoy joost. I would love to get an invite. thanks, El

  8. It’s becoming the new internet hype, I hear.
    I’d love an invite too, thanks

  9. Cool! Can I get one please too?

  10. Philip, Joakim, Trinny, Jos, Pooya – invites sent. Enjoy! 😉

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