Do Not Call


The Australian Government have been putting out some pretty clever initiatives recently. More and more are being advertised on the TV. Just yesterday they launched Do Not Call. The purpose of the site/service is for people to enter their home and mobile number to the register. By doing so it will (should) remove your name and number from all telemarketing lists. Telemarketers must not make calls to numbers listed on the register. If they do, they may be in breach of the legislation and will face penalties.

The initative was obviously an immediate hit as so many rushed to the website yesterday to log their details, the servers crashed.

However, apparently you can still receive calls from charities, religious organisations and registered political parties. You can also still receive calls from market researchers.

I added my details today. Why do I now feel like I’m going to be hounded more than ever?

Seeing as the majority of telemarketing calls now come from outside of your country destination, I’m wondering whether this will still come into force?

Do Not Call

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~ by tomorrowsplayground on May 4, 2007.

One Response to “Do Not Call”

  1. Launched in the US a few months ago, and I have to say i noticed a considerable reduction in the number of unsolicited calls that I receive. Plus it feels great to hear them squirm when you say “name and employee information please – I will be reporting you as you’ve just solicited a do not call number.”

    General response… “click. burrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr”


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