Cheat Neutral – The {short} Movie


You might remember (?) but back in February I wrote about Cheat Neutral. Instead of offsetting carbon, Cheat Neutral’s efforts are directed towards funding monogamy-boosting offset projects?!

Just this morning I received an email from Alex Randall from Cheat Neutral asking me to check out the short movie they’ve just produced around Cheat Neutral. They’ve also entered it into Scene Won / Global Cool film competition. Global cool is a big celeb climate campaign started by Dan Morell who also started the Carbon Neutral company. So, they figured it’d be funny to enter and more so – if they won.

Blurb on the short…

Since the 60s, concentrations of heartbreak, cheating and jealousy in the atmosphere have risen dramatically. CheatNeutral offers a unique market-based solution to this essential problem of modern life. Follow the founders of to the BBC, Parliament and the high street as they try to convince the public to take them seriously…

Cheat Neutral The Movie

Cheat Neutral

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~ by tomorrowsplayground on May 3, 2007.

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