Tangler Goes Public

Last month I wrote about a new start up based here in Australia called Tangler.

I’ve been having a good play around with this service and I’ve found it great in what it has to offer. Firstly – there’s been some great conversation with fellow people in the start up space. Not only locally in Australia, but worldwide. Advice, questions, queries and suggestions. There’s also been talk of general local news and gossip. There’s been critique of other sites, offering of professional services and I’m sure all whilst Tangler have been receiving some quality feedback for their private Beta launch.

So much so, that yesterday Tangler left its private Beta release to move into a public Beta release.

What does this mean? It means anyone can now join and get into the discussions or start their own live discussion group. You don’t need to be invited.

Something that has kind of been nurtured through the private beta launch is the Beta Club Network.  It’s a group specifically for feedback on web2.0 start ups. If you jump in there now you’ll see current feedback discussions for start ups such as Mumspace, Minti, Idiomag, Scouta, Ggluenote, Remember the Milk, Omnidrive , dLook and many more.

A great pull for Tangler and a great service for start ups alike.

Go join now and find a group that relates to you.

Watch the Tangler demo

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~ by tomorrowsplayground on April 30, 2007.

2 Responses to “Tangler Goes Public”

  1. Cheers, although I just changed it to the beta network. Beta club sounded too exclusionist if there is such a word….

  2. No worries Mick. Edited above. And if it’s not a word…let’s make it one!

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