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Set for release mid 2007 (that’s about now? Although some sources are saying it’s more realistic to think ‘end 2007’) Adobe will be unveiling Adobe Media Player. Rivelling current alternatives such as iTunes and Windows Media Player, the Adobe Media Player will offer a desktop service for watching and downloading various media formats from the web.

Straight away a bonus will be the ability to download streaming Flash Video (flv) content offline without any third-party hacks. You’ll also be able to subscribe to video podcasts (auto-updated) and organise your local content with tagging and rating abilities.

What’s in it for Consumers?

  • FLV on your Desktop – Stream, download, manage, and play rich media content. Double click on any FLV file to play it in Adobe Media Player.
  • Favorite Shows – Automatically download new episodes of your favorite Internet TV shows and video podcasts.
  • What’s New – Quickly organize and play a list of new episodes from your favorite Internet TV shows and video podcasts.
  • Library – Gather and manage your personal collection of Flash videos.
  • Tags & Ratings – Add personal keywords and ratings to Flash videos.
  • Smart Playlists – Filter your Library and Favorites based on tags and ratings.
  • Catalog – Discover new Internet TV shows and video podcasts to add to your Favorite Shows.

What’s in it for Content Publishers?

  • Branding – Deliver backgrounds and badges which are displayed dynamically around your content when it is viewed in Adobe Media Player.
  • Advertising – Dynamically deliver banners, in-rolls, and bugs, using your existing ad system, which are displayed in and around your content.
  • Usage Statistics – Anonymously tracks and asychronously reports content usage to provide valuable metrics for your business.
  • Content Protection – Ensure that ads can’t be replaced or removed, and that content can’t be reused or remixed without your consent.
  • Media RSS – Increases viewership by conveniently delivering new content on an automatic and periodic basis.

{Click for large screen shot}


Definitely one to keep an eye on. It’ll be interesting to see the usage patterns of iTunes once this is launched. Especially with Adobe opting for FLV format with vodcasts as opposed to Apple’s Quicktime. It’ll also be interesting to see how this will affect fans of WMP (me being one) as a new alternative.

Read the Press Release
Adobe Media Player (Adobe Labs)

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