Play With Your Wii And Get Fit?!


The Wii phenomenon is pretty interesting. Whoever said playing computer games is a non healthy alternative to being outside having a kick about or a run around the park?

The Wii is making people move. So what’s the next logical step here? Yes – the Wii Workout.

Zander Urquhart, 32, is a personal trainer from Glasgow and is taking the Wii Workout to the next level. After observing his client’s son playing with the console he figured he could probably make a buck or two out of it.

Zander initially targeted kids – but soon realised adults were just as keen. He said: “It’s been great for adults coming back from injury and for OAPs.”

Zanders is now using the Wii as an exercise machine for his clients. Four people at a time can exercise using the Wii’s unique motion sensitive controller to mimic sports aparatus such as a tennis racket, baseball bat, golf club or boxing gloves.

In an average 12.2-hour gaming week, Wii players can burn 1830 calories – shifting 27lb a year.

A Nintendo UK spokesman said: “We’re not aware of anyone else doing this but it shows what the Wii can be used for.”

(No…but I bet they are now realising the further goldmine they are sitting on?)

According to statistics released by Food Magazine, calories burned using a Nintendo Wii for 15 to 20 minutes compare favourably with other forms of exercise.

Aerobic dancing – medium intensity, equivalent to jogging – 130

Cycling on flat ground – 125

Playing golf – 100

Playing tennis – 140

Playing football – 140

Are you going to the gym tonight? Or staying in to lose a few pounds on the Wii?


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~ by tomorrowsplayground on April 23, 2007.

One Response to “Play With Your Wii And Get Fit?!”

  1. Thats a novel idea , but as with any fitness program …. the schedule needs to be sustained . I reckon people will get bored of the game after a few days or weeks … then what ??

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