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After highlighting Google’s April Fool’s Day gag (Gmail Paper) I started to think more about an email to postal service. Silly, I thought at first. But then gave it more thought. Hmm, maybe pretty useful? Only if the letter isn’t personal.

Just think…

1. No hand cramp (when was the last time you picked up a pen?!). Is this just me then?
2. No having to go and buy a stamp
3. No more licking stamps!
4. No more stealing envelopes from work (you know you do it)
5. No having to walk to the Postal Office, or having to queue at the PO to first buy the stamp and then post the letter.
6. Give your PA a break.

And then I started to have a look around and guess what I found?

L-Mail lets individuals and businesses send letters to any postal address via the internet. They print and post letters from 23 worldwide locations. Simply email your letter to L-Mail and they’ll take care of the rest.

Prices vary depending on length of the letter and the destination. Generally L-Mail are charging a $2.58 surcharge for a one off letter, although this surcharge can be avoided by paying a $24.62 (accurately calculated?) deposit.

>> L-Mail

Postful is still behind closed Beta doors and I’m not too sure of when they’re opening. However the concept they are providing is as follows.

Users send an email to with the recipient name and destination address in the subject field. The letter obviously enclosed in the email.

The user checks the confirmation message to make sure Postful have correctly parsed the adress.

The letter is then printed and mailed.

Cost? $0.99 for a one page, full colour letter.

Postful are promising a lot more user features to the portfolio. For the full lowdown or for an enquiry about a Beta invite, visit their site.


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~ by tomorrowsplayground on April 18, 2007.

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  1. […] couple of weeks ago I wrote about the email to postal service called Postful and mentioned that this was still in Beta. Quite kindly I received an email the other day from […]

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