Your Street Launches


I received an email back end of last week from James Nicholson CEO of ‘Your Street’ informing me of the imminent launch of the new site. Just last Friday the venture went live. Brave for a Friday 13th movement?

Your Street is a new real estate website that connects locals at a neighbourhood level.

It empowers homeowners, buyers and renters to learn and share inside knowledge about their local neighborhoods.

YourStreet uses a variety of social networking tools to facilitate online conversations and harness the knowledge of local residents.

Their ‘Market Monitor’ charts give homebuyers and sellers a unique tool to track whether the local real estate market is currently tilted toward buyers or sellers. Visitors to the site rate their local markets on a scale of 0 to 10 and these votes are averaged together to produce a continually updated chart of consumer opinion for each neighborhood.

They also feature detailed user-generated wikis for each neighborhood providing an in-depth information on the community, including shops and entertainment, schools and places of worship, the commute, and the best and worst aspects of the area.

News articles and photos are submitted by the users to keep residents up-to-date about what’s going on in their neighborhood. Access to community forums and neighbor profiles also enables locals to connect and learn more about each other.

“ is a resource for anyone who wants to discover a new community or find out more about their own,” said James. “We provide a forum for locals to share knowledge and learn from one another. is much more than a local reviews site – it’s a platform that connects communities.”

Having had a quick play around with the site, I like it. It seems to add a few extensions that Street Advisor doesn’t currently have. Although obviously Your Street plays to much more of a real estate focus as opposed to just street awareness. I can see this being an easy and perhaps soon, essential ‘add on’ service to many real estate portals. Unless I’m missing something though it seems to lack opportunities with RSS subscriptions to various parts of the site?

It’s a shame it’s just US based with LA, NY, Phoenix, San Fran and Seattle currently being served. I suppose everyone needs to start somewhere!? Boston, Chicago, Dallas and San Diego will be launching soon. International soon hopefully!

Who’s behind it?
Founder and CEO James Nicholson was formerly founder and CEO of NetVentures, a pioneering e-commerce software company sold to CNET in 1999; Spencer Liu is the former Creative Director at CNET; and Paul Rush is a longtime entrepreneur and web software architect. YourStreet, Inc. is based in San Francisco.

Your Street

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