Social Networking For Sick Kids


In my ‘other’ spare time I write for a corporate blog and something I added today I thought I’d post over on here too. It’s with regard to the pending launch of a superb new social networking site for seriously ill children. I thought I’d post it here as I think it’s a particularly interest project. And definitely one I would love to be involved in if I had the chance.

The Starlight Children’s Foundation in Australia is currently putting the finishing touches on a secure social networking site based ‘loosely ‘ on a MySpace offering.

Due to launch in June07 in Beta mode with a test base of 500 participants, ‘The Starlight Online Community’ project (as it will be known) will provide a channel for children suffering from a variety of major illnesses to chat and interact with one another about their shared experiences with their illness, ways of coping and also general topics of teen interest.  Members of the community will also have the ability to create profiles, view/upload media, communicate through IM, create and write blogs and interact via webcam.

The site offerings are being developed and tailored by teenagers to ensure accurate representation and relevance. Separate areas will be created for age groups of 10-12, 13-15 and 16-18 years old.

The project is expected to roll out over a 2-3 period with a target of 280, 000 kids in the long term.

Rollout is to be staged in order to maximise the funding.

If you’d like to contribute to their fundraising efforts, IT Fund for Kids are hosting fundraising dinners which will donate money to the project. They will be held in Melbourne and Sydney in August.

The fund hopes to raise $500,000 in 2007.

I’ll aim to report back more on the progress of this project nearer the time.

Starlight Children’s Foundation

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One Response to “Social Networking For Sick Kids”

  1. Fantastic stuff – sorry I can’t be there but would love to do a podcast with someone from the project for the MediaSnackers blog… can you hook me up my friend?


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