Hidden Lives Launches


Justin McMurray (ex Crikey.com) has just released a new project from his hub of Ideogeny.

The project is called Hidden Lives and it bares some resemblance to the ever so brilliant Post Secret. However, instead of people having to post in their well made postcards with their deepest and darkest on, Hidden Lives invites users to register for free and then post short entries following a preemption of one of 36 lines. Examples being:

The best decision I made was….
My biggest regret is….
One thing I would change about myself is….
My earliest memory is….
The most important thing to me is….
I have this idea….

You can view all entries via various search criteria and then in a very ‘digg’ kind of way vote for your favourite posts. These are called ‘Appreciations’.

Justin states on the site that there might possibly be a publication or exhibition in the future covering the entries posted to the site.

I think it’s a nice idea and am keen to see how it pans out. I think Post Secret currently has the ability to engage the viewer more due to the full personalisation of the postcard and the message, however I feel Hidden Lives could increase the ability to engage and hold the user for a longer period of time if they provide some more interaction.

The ability to save your favourite posts or subscribe to member’s posts would be a good start. Then again, Hidden Lives is still in Beta so additional feature sets may be rolled out soon.

Hidden Lives

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~ by tomorrowsplayground on March 26, 2007.

One Response to “Hidden Lives Launches”

  1. thanks for the post on hidden lives. and your suggestions on improving interactivity are spot-on. will see how it pans out. ironically enough the original plan for HL was a postcard-model…until i came across the brilliant PostSecret! so HL will head in its own directions… early and fun days.

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