“A flexible, real-time, interactive content management system that delivers up-to-the-minute CRM data.”

That’s what it says on the packet. I came across ColorZip the other day (via some blog trail) and became intrigued. I feel like I’ve seen something similar to this before but I just can’t remember what.

ColorZip is a new technology that utilises a small patch of ‘color’ that simply, can be translated to a wealth of information.

The key to ColorZip™ is the ColorCode™ application, a two-dimensional color recognition system that reads and digitizes analog data in a color pattern and sends the information to a dedicated server, which then sends back digital content.

ColorCodes can be read quickly and easily by mobile phones, PCs, and other devices equipped with cameras. All that’s required is a CCD or CMOS camera with only 100,000-pixel resolution. And ColorCodes work with the latest user platforms, such as Java, Symbian, Microsoft Mobile, Linux and even Brew.

Content can be delivered in a variety of formats such as video, music, photos or a simple hyperlink that automatically opens. The codes themselves can also be printed on pretty much anything. Paper, fabric, glass, online etc and can be any size from 1cm sq upwards.


It’s an interesting idea – and I can already think of 101 great uses for it, but it’s one of those ideas that will obviously only succeed with mass appeal. It would be nice to see something like this become wide spread but if it doesn’t and if it doesn’t become ‘common knowledge’ with the consumer – it won’t be much use to a brand.



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~ by tomorrowsplayground on March 26, 2007.

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