Experience Life In A Guatanamo Bay Cell


A good friend of mine from Pareto Fundraising has just finished his latest campaign on behalf of Amnesty International Australia. The campaign is focussed around David Hicks, his Trial and Guantanamo Bay.

The campaign emphasizes the message of Join The Call To Bring David Hicks Home.

A superb construction piece for this campaign is the production of a full-scale replica of David Hick’s cell, complete with glaring light, stainless steel toilet and bunk bed. The aim is to bring the realities of Guantanamo Bay to the Australian public.

The cell will be featured in major cities around Australia. It is currently in Martin Place and moves to Circular Quay tomorrow. It moves off to Brisbane on the 24th. A full itinerary of it’s touring location can be found here.

I love the interactive usage they have added to the cell. There are electronic petition sign ups outside – with the signatures being shown as a scrolling text on plasmas attached to the outside of the wall.

Inside people are encouraged to leave a 30 second video message of their emotional response to the surrounding environment. The cell.

The videos are recorded and can be seen at the campaign website (via YouTube) here. They can then be referred to as many people as you like.

Bring Hicks Home (Campaign Site)

Video coverage on Sydney Morning Herald

Amnesty International Australia

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