Mini Cirque – The Sydney Launch


Whilst most people were enjoying the 75th Birthday of the Sydney Harbour Bridge yesterday, I had the pleasure of attending Mini Cirque. The launch of the new Mini. The event took place at the Entertainment Quarter (formerly Fox Studios) and ran from 5pm-10pm.

As far as car launches go, this one was a lot of fun. A great welcoming at the entrance from Terry Whitaker from Notorious PR, a swift handing of a media bag full of goodies and a point in the direction of the bar to have a chat with some of the representatives. Both my partner and I were kept entertained for the full duration checking out the different sights, sounds & attractions. Not forgetting the tasting of different foods and sampling the bar. And of course – checking out a few new Minis!

The theme for the event (as if you can’t guess from the name) was a circus experience complete with Big Top, quirky sideshow performers, fun and games (including mini radio controlled cars, volleyball, ping pong, swingball, yo-yo classes & pin ball machines) and music acts including Sophie Koh (live performance) and DJs Del La Cruz and Adam Bossetto. There was also the Fashion Assassin fashion show and the Mini Outdoor Cinema that ran from 8 – 10pm.





Guests were also treated to Mini test drives and Mini chauffeur drives around the complex.

The order of the day went like this:

5pm – 8pm: Chat with the press. Games to commence, side show etc, MINI Chauffeur, MINI test drive.

7pm: Fashion Assassin fashion show

7.30pm: Sophie Koh and band to play

8pm: MINI Outdoor cinema (didn’t get to see this due to rain unfortunately!)

The concept behind the Mini Cirque was meant to represent a day in the life of the new Mini – featuring a mix of elements that characterise the Mini brand including fashion, music, film, games and amazing feats.

“Mini Cirque exposes the new Mini and the Mini brand to a larger and more diverse audience that just those who have a strong interest in motoring and motoring events,” said Jason Miller, Marketing Manager of Mini. “The strategy allows us to maintain a high level of brand identity with current and prospective Mini drivers by directly engaging and entertaining them through multiple touch points.”

The event as a whole seemed to run very smoothly. It wasn’t pushy. There were no suits & no hard sales. It was a relaxed day and the fun element definitely shone. I liked the fact the event ‘helpers’ were all dressed in the same Mini overalls – making it easy to ID who could help with your queries. As opposed to looking for name badges. The event seemed very well thought out.


The attendance numbers were kept to 2000 (I’m not sure all 2000 showed though) but capacity definitely didn’t feel crammed. Certainly no queuing at the bar or getting to look in the cars. Surely the most important factors?!

The new Mini is definitely still an eye turner. There’s no huge changes to the exterior but there’s some great little tweaks to keep people interested. Upgraded engines, a superb new interior spec and upgraded safety specs are some of the boasting benefits of the new Mini.

I would definitely consider a Cooper S – although I’d much rather the new John Cooper Works – which much to my disappointment – I didn’t see at the show.


The Mini Cirque theme was created by Mini, executed by Think Creative Events and supported by PR from Notorious.

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Mini Australia

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