Tribewanted – A True Online / Offline Experience


The other day I was pointed in the direction of Tribewanted (cheers Van!). The more I started to browse through what was on offer the more it really began to shout out that this was a truly great Online / Offline match.

Tribewanted is an online community. Yet unlike many ‘communities’ online, this one exists in real life too. It’s a place. It’s an island. The people exist.

The aim of Tribewanted is to build a simple sustainable village on Vorovoro Island and a buzzing online community. When you join the tribe you can choose when you visit Vorovoro and, unlike any other adventure holiday, you can take part in the project online before and after your island stay. launched on April 3rd 2006 and the tribe’s ‘first footers’ landed on Vorovoro on September 1st 2006 for the start of a three-year adventure.

There are three levels of tribal membership you can purchase ranging from a 7 to a 21 night stay.

Tibewanted started as an idea between friends – Ben Keene and Mark James. They brainstormed an Internet Start Up. They would build a community and call it a tribe. But then they would do something that no one has set a precedent to before. They would create a real version of the tribe.

We will travel to a desert island, James wrote, and form a partnership with an indigenous tribe. We will build an environmentally friendly tourist facility and show it off to the world as a model of low-impact development. We will be a 21st-century tribe, and you, Ben Keene, will be a chief.”

The island is known as Vorovoro and is located in Fiji. It is now an online and offline destination between a community of like-minded souls maintaining an eco-friendly vacation paradise.

So how does this all work?

In short – it’s still an experiment in practice.

Tribe members debate and vote on island issues online with the guidance of the on island team and elected chief. The Tribewanted island team and elected chief work alongside the local community to build the village infrastructure. Visiting tribe members can choose to take part with whatever is going on Vorovoro during their stay. Members share their Vorovoro experiences online so those that have yet to visit get to feel like they know this little island and community pretty well even before they go.

To check out the full experience, visit Tribewanted now.


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