BigPond Enters Second Life


BigPond has opened the doors to its island playground on Second Life.

‘The Pond’ takes a very Australian stance and includes virtual recreations of the Sydney Opera House, The Sydney Harbour Bridge and Uluru (Aires Rock).

Among other attractions – visitors can visit the local outback pub, the nightclub and swim in the coral reef.

The main reason for BigPond’s appearance in SL is to promote offerings from Telstra. Billboards advertise content from its main channels – Sport, Movies, Music and Games. And no doubt phone and broadband services.

BigPond are yet to commit any full time staff to policing the site, instead they are apparently treating this as more of an experiment (?!).

It’ll be interesting to see the uptake of their services within SL. Specifically as music and (some videos) can be accessed in SL without the need for the user to first connect to BigPond’s music site.

There’s a few other Aussie companies jumping on the SL bandwagon at the moment. The University of Southern Queensland and the Australian Film, Television and Radio School have already opened in SL and The ABC is expected to unveil it’s presence in SL later this month.

The Pond

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~ by tomorrowsplayground on March 11, 2007.

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