RFID – New Adventures


RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is an automatic identification method. It is commonly found in the form of ‘tags’ and isn’t what we could consider ‘new’ technology. It is indeed advancing but it’s been around for some time now. But maybe yet to be used to its full potential.

You’ve probably seen RFID tags attached to CDs in music stores, to clothes, to auto payment toll tags placed in vehicles. RFID tags can also be used in your pets to store information about them and in some countries they are used in passports. There are many, many uses and they come in three general varieties: passive, semi-passive and active.

I’m quite intrigued by the general development and new uses of RFID and one such use that was highlighted to me the other day by Jason from MyCommerce is that of the RFID Staple.

Yes – your stationary cupboard just got a tech upgrade!

Never lose that document again by stapling it with a Swingline staple. The intention is that these staples would be able to wirelessly communicate with a location service so you know exactly where your document is located. Or more importantly, if it’s not on your desk – who’s nicked it! I suppose if you find someone has half inched it then you could always have some fun tracking them too. (And I don’t mean by stapling them).

Advancing further – The BBC just recently ran an article on the worlds tiniest RFID tag produced to date. Measuring a minute 0.05mm by 0.05mm, the tag to the naked eye looks like a spec of powder. Whilst this may be the smallest tag to date – there is negative issue in that they require an external antenna to work. The smallest external antenna developed so far is some 80 times bigger than the tag!

Back to the drawing board guys.

If you know of any recent ‘bizarre’ uses for RFID – I’d love to know them. Just drop your links/knowledge in the comments box.

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