Why Bloggers Unsubscribe


Darren Rowse from ProBlogger has sparked up an interesting post looking at why Bloggers unsubscribe from your RSS feed. Out of over 100 comments he summarises the best reasons to a 34 point list.

The top 10 from that list being:

  • Too many posts (the post levels are too overwhelming) – 37
  • Infrequent Posting (or the blog is effectively dead) – 29
  • Partial Excerpts Feeds – 25
  • Blog Changes Focus (too much off topic posting) – 23
  • Too many posts that I see elsewhere (Redundant, Repeated or Recycled News) – 19
  • Uninteresting Content – 16
  • Irrelevant Content – 13
  • The Blogger’s Ego – Too much self promotion – 11
  • Low Quality Content – 11
  • Too many posts that are too long – 10

The last 5 being

  • Lack of a sense of who the blogger is – 1
  • Too much clutter/extras at the end of posts – 1
  • Talking Down to Readers – 1
  • Too many quotes – 1
  • Change of Primary blogger – 1

Ok….so I think I might be guilty on a couple of those. It raises a good point, although to be honest the list really does cover ‘every’ possibility. Surely at the end of the day it really comes down to personal appeal? And that personal appeal would be towards the perception you have of the blogger, their writing style and their content? Would #31 “to0 many extras at the end of posts” really make you unsubscribe?

The original post with all of the comments

Darren’s 34 point summary list

Here’s my extra bits at the end of my post?!
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~ by tomorrowsplayground on March 1, 2007.

One Response to “Why Bloggers Unsubscribe”

  1. Actually, too many so-called DO make me unsubscribe. They get annoying sometimes.

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