Photoshop Moves Online


By now most of you would have read somewhere across the Internet about Google’s online Apps service, a rival offering to the Microsoft Office suite. Joining the web edition fray – as reported yesterday is Adobe’s image editor – Photoshop.

Adobe Systems plans to release a hosted version of its popular Photoshop image-editing application within six months, the company’s chief executive said Tuesday. The online service is part of a larger move to introduce ad-supported online services to complement its existing products and broaden the company reach into the consumer market, Adobe CEO Bruce Chizen told CNET

The hosted service is said to be free and will be marketed as an entry level version of the full release Photoshop and Photoshop Elements.

Chizen said that although hosted Photoshop is meant to be a low-end product, the company intends to ensure that it is of a higher quality than free alternatives.

Adobe have also reported that whilst Photoshop is a widely used program by creative professionals industry wide – they would be extremely careful not to dilute the brand by providing a free web based access point.

“If we offered a host-based version of Photoshop that’s Photoshop-branded (and is) potentially better than Picasa, you’d probably go the Photoshop route because of your belief in the Photoshop brand and the quality associated with the brand,” Chizen said.

I think it’s pretty obvious this is going to become somewhat ‘popular’ and a great move by Adobe.

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~ by tomorrowsplayground on March 1, 2007.

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