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Particle Tree highlights a couple of great new resources for Start ups. I’m particularly like Y Combinator Startup News. Check it out.

If you’re on the lookout for startup news, resources, and communities, then there are two recently launched sites that are worth taking a look at.

Startupping – Startupping, created by Mark Fletcher, is focused on taking “the mystery out of starting and running an Internet company and to share in the experience of doing so.” The site has a blog, which already contains some good interviews with well-known entrepreneurs, discussion forums on law, marketing, events, and more, and a blog aggregator that will help you follow what angel investors, VC’s and entrepreneurs are up to.

Y Combinator Startup News – Paul Graham and YCombinator created this site because they don’t believe there is another news aggregator out there with enough focus on startup-related material, and more importantly, as an area for potential startup founders to form a community and voice their opinions.

Original article by Chris Campbell

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