Interview True


Interview True is providing a great service to those ‘out of touch’ or unfamiliar with interview techniques. It’s also good for those that just want to perfect their composure and expression when faced with questions.

Here’s how it works.

From a bank of over 1000 questions from some of the top companies in the world, you customise your interview. You choose the types of questions you think you’ll be asked relevant to your experience, industry type or those that you know you need to perfect your answer on. Or you have the option to just pick from predefined sets.
Once you’ve completed your customised interview, it will begin. A interviewer appears on screen and begins to ask you questions.

You have 2 minutes to answer. Your answer, delivery and composure is recorded via your own webcam. You’re given the opportunity to review or re-record your answer. When you are happy, you move on with the interview.

At the end of the interview you can save it and you’ll receive a link via email for your future reference. At this point you can study yourself, how you answer, what you need to change and what annoying little habits you might have but don’t realise you are doing.

Twiddling thumbs, er, um, er, play with hair, fidget. You get the point.

Once you’re happy with your answers and technique you can also distribute to your friends for their feedback.

You can experience Interview True today on a 24hr free trial. From then on there are various price points offering a variety of extras.

Interview True (Note: Site is not compatible with Firefox).

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