What Noise?


I love this site. ‘What Noise’ is raising the awareness of the ‘Hear and be Heard’ fund in Singapore.

The message, design, colours and use of flash proves for a stunning execution. It’s all there. Check it out.

What Noise?

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~ by tomorrowsplayground on February 23, 2007.

2 Responses to “What Noise?”

  1. I do not love this site. Why is the font so small? Is the site intended for people with super sight? The idea of getting people to experience hearing loss is good… but why not do it using sound instead of vision?
    But of course as a fundraiser what really bugs me is the lack of fundraising focus on this site. What is the point of only raising awareness of what it is like to have difficulty hearing? Why not ask people to help those who do have that problem? Why bury the facts about how much it costs to help? And why not have a story of someone who has been helped? It is not a good site. It is a prurtty though.

  2. Dan. I think you are right with some of your comments. From a design point of view, I really like this site. But from a fundraising point of view – you’re right in that it’s not hitting the mark. It’s a nice piece of ‘awareness’ but I don’t think the strength is there to make me donate. And the worst thing possible, the Donate link is a mailto link?! I would have expected an online donation form at least.

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