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ChaCha is a new search engine. It allows you to search as per the normal methods – but if you can’t find the results you’re after, then you can speak with a live ‘Guide’ who will help you.

As ChaCha put it “ChaCha stands out as different and better in a landscape cluttered with common search engines because it uses the World’s most powerful technology – The human brain.”

But don’t we all have that power already when we search online?

I’ve seen a couple of reviews about this service and people seem to be loving it. I can’t say I’m convinced. I sat and thought of 5 different searches. Varying degrees of specificness and locality. I found all of the answers I was looking for on Google within minutes. It wasn’t a stress. I go to ChaCha and a couple of the results I find instantly on their text based search. A couple I don’t. So I speak to the ‘Guide’.

My Guide was Stacey(75799). She seemed happy enough. Asked me how I was. How my evening was (let her know that I’m in Australia and it was afternoon). She then asked me what I was searching for tonight (er..this afternoon?). I tell her, she goes away and starts looking. She tells me it’ll only be a minute. She tells me she’s still searching. Within this time I had already found this answer through Google. Not only that I had found a couple of other sites I could view.

So – Apart from talking to a happy person. If I’m in a rush – why do I want this? Why do I want to tell people how my day has been when I need a search result and I need it fast? From a Hyperlocal point of view – this could be great – if you could pick your suburb and then have someone refine the ultimate search result for you with local knowledge I’d buy in.

Stacey(75799) unfortunately couldn’t tell me where I could find the bus times from Central station to Bondi and also where my nearest book shop was. What?? Was that really too hard a’ search query?

If they could serve up related ads to keyword triggers as the conversation between the Searcher and the Guide progresses – that could be pretty interesting.


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~ by tomorrowsplayground on February 20, 2007.

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