Social Networking for a common good. is one of the first sites I’ve come across dedicated to social networking across social causes and over 1,000,000 NFPs. It only recently launched (last week) and already it’s been met with an array of positive press. No wonder. It’s pretty slick.

Hitting the homepage you’re faced with a Tag Cloud. It displays ’causes’ searched by popularity. A search box at the top asks you to enter the cause you wish to help, search for, become part of.

The results will show you “Changes” that other viewers have created.

You can start your own Change or browse those created by others. You can meet and interact with other like-minded people who want to help this cause.

For each Change you can view the submitted blogs, videos and images and personal explanations as to why people associate themselves with the cause.

Once you’ve selected a Change you can also view recommended NFPs and any Giving Networks that are associated with it. Viewing the recommended NFPs will give you several more options that basically detail who they are, what they do etc. The Giving Networks are fundraising opportunities associated to the Change.

Donations to NFPs can also be made directly through

It’s a pretty savvy service and one that I reckon is due to increase in size drastically. It’d be good to see this site do well.

For a full run down of how the site works – you can view the Flash tour here.

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~ by tomorrowsplayground on February 15, 2007.

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  1. Another website that helps you use your online network for social change is Firstgiving is a website that helps anyone create a free personalized fundraising page for any non-profit that is registered through GuideStar. After you create your page you are able to promote it via your blog or social networks (Facebook, MySpace, etc) with a widget or a fundraising badge. One of the best points about Firstgiving is that you can use it in collaboration with networks that you are already on and use it to mobilize your online community to help you support a cause that you are passionate about.

  2. Thanks for pointer Brittany.

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