LOST . In Audio – Somewhere. On Rewind


This is completely off topic – but what the heck. I thought I’d highlight it anyway.

Firstly if you’re freaked out by strange and eerie noises then move on and read the next post. If not, then have a listen to the below. Apparently the creators of LOST have now started to insert hidden messages into the audio that can only be heard when it’s played backwards. Also known as ‘backmasking’.

The following clip was apparently found by one LOST fan. (Or maybe leaked out by LOST producers? Who knows).

From an awareness / viral point of view it’s had 135, 031 views to date and well over 2000 additions to Digg.

They’re upping the anty.

1. Fantastic.

2. Does this mean I now have to watch the show and then watch it on rewind with the audio on?

3. Can I do that anyway?

4. Please don’t make it drag to a 4th series.

Recommended listening – Late at night. Lights off. Headphones on. Turn up the volly.

“Only fools are enslaved by time and space”.

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~ by tomorrowsplayground on February 13, 2007.

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