Zlio – Commission Sales For Everyone


The other day I spoke about commission based product sales from your blog using the likes of booBox who recently launched out of Brazil.

Now we see the US launch of French start up – Zlio.com. It enables anyone to create a virtual store (for free) and start selling products from a list of 100 merchants (75 in France and 25 is the US). It’s a template based system and allows you to pick and choose the products that take your fancy. You’ll earn a commission from each sale you make. There’s also the opportunity to make referee commissions. 10% on their commissions (forever) and 5% on their friend’s commissions.

Boasting around 35,000 shops already launched in France, Zlio are hoping for big things in the US.

Zlio is soon to be launching in the UK and whilst you currently can’t sell you own products through the service – they’re working on it.

I had a go at setting up a store and sign up was simple and effortless. Within a couple of minutes I had chosen my store template and was then at the process of picking the products I want to sell. Pretty much most of the items I searched for were available. From books, to clothes to gadgets.

I anticipate the appeal of an offering such as Zlio is going to be high. Especially for people with blogs pulling a high viewer base (note to check data stats…hmmm…hello…anyone there?).

If people appeal to the taste and verdict of the blog (blogger)..one would assume interests in products might be the same. This could be very successful for some. Especially blogs that review products. In theory, you could always set up your own store and earn commission purchasing items for yourself. Another way to use your virtual store would be to promote your own wishlist. Providing an easy option to those that are always stuck when wanting to purchase a present for you. Not only are you providing them wit a list and a way to purchase, you also make yourself a nice little commission based earning on the side. Can’t be bad!

It seems like it could be a very time consuming effort to actually set up the store. Having to search for each product and then add one by one. It would be good if Zlio offered recommended suggestions alongside your chosen item. It would also be good if you could batch add products or categories.

Zlio provide various methods and help to boost the awareness of your shop. One feature called ZlioZone allows you to copy your Zlioshop’s products to your blog within 3 clicks. Zlio are also providing the ability to self promote your show through video and then upload to Zlio TV.

All in all – it seems a pretty switched on service with a nice amount of interaction, hand holding and aftermarket aid. Other companies providing alternatives currently consist of booBox, MyPicklist, Loomia and aStore.


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~ by tomorrowsplayground on February 9, 2007.

One Response to “Zlio – Commission Sales For Everyone”

  1. hmmm – I’m not convinced about this to be honest mate. Interesting concept though. Will keep an eye on it.

    p.s. you forgot to put MyCommerce on your little list at the bottom btw ;-))

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