Web2.0 – The Movie

Web2.0 The Movie

Well, not quite the movie – but a damn fine visual explanation of Web 2.0.

So – whilst many short clips on You Tube have been produced around Web2.0 and whilst some of us are now looking towards Web3.0 and what it means – Web2.0 is still there in the media creating a talking point. I don’t believe it’s dead just yet. Many do.

If you’re not already further down the garden path and looking into the aspects of Web3.0 or you simply still don’t get what Web2.0 is all about then watch the short video here.

It’s extremely well made, simple and easy to understand for those that are still struggling to grasp the concept.

On a slightly more ‘vocal’ tip – a response to the above movie was also posted. You can view it below. It too provides a good explanation of Web2.0 with good use of examples, referencing such sites as Flickr, Del.icio.us, Wikipedia, Technorati etc.

So – who’s going to be the first to do a Web3.0 video?

{ + del.icio.us } . { + furl } . { + digg }


~ by tomorrowsplayground on February 6, 2007.

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