Adding Social Bookmarks To Your Site

Social Bookmarking

If you’re wanting to add some social bookmark icons to your site so viewers can save your content – and you’re not sure of:

a. What bookmark sites are out there

b. What icons to use

c. What code to add to your site

…then have a look at the link below. I came across the content on this link quite recently. It displays over 100 social bookmarking sites and contains information on each one, including the answers to points A-C above.

It’s amazing the number of social bookmark sites today. I already know several others not on this list. I would love to know the true figure of how many there really are these days.

3 Spots – “Social Bookmarks”

{ + } . { + furl } . { + digg }


~ by tomorrowsplayground on February 6, 2007.

2 Responses to “Adding Social Bookmarks To Your Site”

  1. thanks for the useful link. cheers

  2. is a service that lets you post a web page to numerous social bookmarking sites.

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