Webwag, the all-in-one browser start page (similar to Netvibes & Pageflakes) have launched a new offering to their service.

Widget On Demand (WOD) allows you to enter the URL for the site you wish to obtain info updates from. Then you can simply select / highlight the area of the site you are specifically interested in, click ‘done’ et voila…the info chunk you’ve selected will appear as a widget on your Webwag homepage.

It’s extremely easy to use but how intelligent and efficient this is still needs to be proved. I’ve tested this a couple of times and it seems pretty solid. Although I have seen some comments from others stating time lag on updates and also some remarks around how the widget is taken from a pure cut ‘n paste visual. As apposed to populating a new widget on your Webwag page in line with the same style sheet as the others.

With your typical Ajax layout problems – highlighting a large area from a site to monitor could cause display inaccuracies.

Overall though – a great idea and childsplay to use.

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~ by tomorrowsplayground on February 5, 2007.

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