Plant A Tree & Feel Good

carbon neutral

I was recently reading an article Piers Fawkes wrote over on Club of Pioneers. He was talking about the increasing instances where the word “Dioxide” has been dropped from “Carbon Dioxide”. Interesting. No really…it is interesting. There’s quite a good arguement there and I personally believe it’s all down to wanting to sound more “fashionable”.

I’m all up for the cause of helping the environment and when I can I’ll try my best to help out in little ways. Even if it does mean walking around the corner to seperate my corks from my glass bottles (I do like the odd bottle of wine). However, recently being ‘viro friendly has become somewhat of a wanted hype.

It’s become an increasing trend across websites these days to announce “Hey look, we’re Carbon Neutral”

We travel 1000’s of air miles a year on the expense of our clients – but for every x distance we travel we plant a tree and therefore we are – Cardon Neutral” (Pat us on the back)

This is, of course, is great for the environment. And you can’t argue if companies are doing this. It’s a damn good thing. But sometimes you have to wonder. Do they really give a sh*t?

Are they really doing it because they want to help, or are they doing it because it makes them look good?

If you want to help the environment today (and let’s face it anyway…if you’re doing it for a pat on the back, we’ll let you off because you’re still doing the ‘right’ thing)…then check out how to become Carbon Neutral by following the following foot prints.

All provide emission calculators with personal to business level offests. “My Climate” is providing one of the best ideas I’ve seen. It’s called “myClimate Ticket”. By purchasing your next airline ticket from these guys you’ll offest your travel emissions by supporting various carbon offest proejects from the likes of Solar energy in Eritrea to Hydroelectricity in Indonesia.

(US) My Climate
(UK) Climate Care
(UK) The Carbon Neutral Company
(Aus) Elementree
(Aus) Carbon Neutral

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2 Responses to “Plant A Tree & Feel Good”

  1. Interesting article on Carbon Rationing & Carbon Credits. A possible UK proposal.

  2. […] I had a minimal rant the other day about carbon neutral schemes, Cheat Neutral points out that whilst carbon neutral schemes are in […]

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