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Marco Gomes is set to launch booBox in approximately 2 hours from now.

Brazilian based booBox offers tools for bloggers to help them sell products they are discussing on their blogs. They simply tag images and words for people to click.

As booBox state – “Tag -> Click -> Money”. It’s as simple as that. Using affiliate IDs linked through Amazon (with more e-tailers coming soon), readers will be able to view an image of the product and follow the steps through to checkout.

Entry to the service is ‘currently’ set to be free. But how long this lasts is anybody’s guess.

Talking to Marco via email he states that they will ‘never’ charge the blogger. As this is not their focus. With bloggers using their own affiliate IDs this would deem to be impossible anyway.

From an early perspective this is definitely an interesting offer – but how many other Co’s to jump on this bandwagon is something we’ll have to wait and see.

Get over to booBox now and watch the demo of how this works and could work for you.


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